Play is a button from the Main Menu that where you start to play. The first time you open it is that Warren the Wise appear in the black background as it says:

"Welcome, I'm Warren the Wise and I'll be your guide today. Click to Continue"

"This is the Puzzle Map. Here, you select what puzzles to play'. Click on the Puzzle Piece on the left."

"Click on The Eets Icon on the left to start!"

At Welcome to Eets:

"Click on the PLAY button (Or the SPACEBAR key) to get things going"

"This is the Puzzle Shard. Eets need your help collecting these!"

"Watch as Eets hops, walks and jumps toward the Puzzle Shard"

"Congratulations! Click on the Next Puzzle to go to the Next Level"

At Scarily Sour:

'"Click the next Eets Icon to collect the next Puzzle Shard!"'

'"If you ever stuck on a Puzzle, Feel Free to press the Hint Button for help. Try pressing it now!"'

'"Click and Drag the Scared Marshmallow Bud below and place in front of Eets. When your done, press Play!"'

'"Eets is Scared! When scared, Eets will turn around at the end of the platform"'

At Sweet and Spicy:

"Eets is Happy! When happy, Eets will hop short distances off platforms"

"Eets is Angry! When angry, Angry Eets will leap far distances off platforma"

At Sweet and Sour:

"You can change the game speed using the speed buttons below. You can also press the keyboard +/=, 1-3 keys"